Mapa del Maiz Transgénico en México Science And Technology, Infographic, Aula de el mundo/alimentos transgénicos Science And Technology, Biology. La justicia mexicana ordenó a la Sagarpa y Semarnat suspender todas las actividades de siembra de maíz transgénico en el país, así como. Aunque en México está prohibida la producción de maíz transgénico, este año el gobierno permitirá la importación de 10 millones de.

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Estudio encuentra glifosato e Mexico and all Mesoamerica and beyond are the centre of origin and diversification of maize. In the letter, I reminded them of their obligations under the Convention and the Biosafety Protocol and I particularly stressed the importance of Mexico as a centre of origin of maize, the fundamental role of maize in world food security, and the importance of preserving the genetic diversity of the species faced with the challenges of climate change and other environmental pressures.

No one can now ignore the crucial importance of the number one food staple of the Mexican people and many other peoples around the world.

Importarán 30 mil mdp de maíz amarillo transgénico

Turrent stressed that there is no need for GMOs in Mexico, where there are plenty of native seed varieties. No acataremos las leyes injustas que criminalizan las semillas y la vida campesina. They reacted rapidly and vigorously. We are seeing the proliferation of authoritarian crop intensification systems whose ultimate result is to contaminate native maize varieties in the very centre of origin of this crop — one of the four most important crops in the history of humanity.

They end up in the cities, swelling the army of underemployed workers who are the very target of such antihunger crusades. Farmers speak out 03 December Only the soil can free us 29 November More. Countless opinion pieces, news stories, billboards, and Web video and radio interviews have appeared. Mena said that the community has lost 1, hives due to the spraying of neighboring monocultures.

GRAIN — Hands off our maize! Resistance to GMOs in Mexico

They harvest 20 trillion grains of maize, all of it exposed to adaptive environmental forces during the season. The whole continent is seeing a wave of measures, such as seed and intellectual property laws, designed to facilitate multinational control over agriculture.

The FAO repeated its response of two years ago:. Pambazuka Press,79— We reject GE maize not only because of the threat it poses to world biodiversity but because of the likelihood of irreversible genetic contamination of native varieties; the certainty of seeds being concentrated in the hands of a few companies, making Mexican farmers captive consumers of their inputs and jeopardizing food security and sovereignty; the prospect that the history and culture of the diverse Mexican peoples will be destroyed, and many other considerations beyond the scope of science as such.


Throughout this war, popular cultures and their areas of subsistence — their territories — have been devastated at all levels. They grasp the need for resistance. The conclusion is that most of the antipoverty budget is absorbed by the bureaucracy that administers the programs.

Precisely which steps are to be taken domestically and internationally will depend on the circumstances of the approval, assuming it takes place. Another countered that since four months had elapsed since ,exico filing of the applications, the permit was deemed to have been denied.

These new forums are helping to strengthen ties between organizations, communities, and regions. When planting time irrigated or seasonal rolls around again in northern Mexico, we will find out whether the corporations think they have their winning conditions in place.

Lumpkin says companies such as Monsanto are willing to do this when the varieties produced are designed for markets that are not commercially significant. PPT organizers say that the more people there are contributing their experience and vision to the analysis of the difficulties facing peasants — not to mention the outright attacks on them — the clearer the path ahead will be.

People must establish strict and effective GMO-free zones at the community and regional levels, and keep out GMOs from any source, whether government or corporate. People must keep or restore community control over ancestral and modern strategies for independent agriculture. And we must defend our land, native seeds, water, knowledge, social systems, and systems of justice.

The issue has gone international. Lumpkin claims that when delivered by non-profit organisations such as CIMMYT, genetically modified organisms GMOs can help tackle rural inequality traansgenico spreading technology that is currently largely limited to the developed world. Autogestionar la salud para salvar la Food systems across the continent are doing just fine without them 08 November More. Recibir un transenico con cada nueva entrada.

Soybeans are a well-known plague in Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, causing soil depletion, land grabbing and concentration, extreme agrochemical contamination, and empoverishment and the forced servitude of people and communities.


The future is unrwritten. One planned pre-hearing concerns the transgenic contamination of native maize and the liability incurred by companies and governments in this regard. It is important for government at all levels, plus civil society and the private sector, to coordinate their efforts and take action together. You can read this site in English, Spanish or French by selecting the appropriate language at the top of the page.

Pronunciamiento de la Cuenca de la I Whether it is done legally, illegally, clandestinely, or cynically, the invasion of GMOs and the contamination of native varieties would be a tough blow.

Sin semillas la agric [ Today, after eleven years of resistance, we raise our voices msiz with the many others who have sounded the alarm against the threat of permits being granted for commercial planting of GMOs on over 2. It is a significant and straightforward victory in a context in which disinformation and mexixo opacity have been the norm. What will we do if and when the permits are finally approved, through either legislation or exploitation of legal loopholes, and corporations actually start planting?

After years of litigation, Schmeiser lost the case and the company was strengthened. The Gates Foundation has for some time transgenuco promoting its new Green Revolution yransgenico Africa, creating a whirlwind of resistance as restrictions on what, how, and where to plant have become increasingly intolerable.

The host organizations issued a press release that joins the hundreds of other statements and documents that together present an edifice of irrefutable argument. Activists marshaled a wide range of responses to GMOs and to what had seemed to be the unquestionable authority of government officials and scientists.

I ej that the government of Mexico will take account of the concerns of all interested parties and will make appropriate decisions. Between January and March of this year, a whole range of activities took place with a view to strengthening national and international alliances among grassroots organizations as well as spearheading analysis of the disastrous implications of GMOs for maize diversity in its centre of origin, and thus for peasant agriculture and public health.

The collective assessed the need to take preventive legal action and took stock of recent successes:.