Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Kana Kana Ruchira, Vanna Marul, Kidandhu, Vallale Mdhusoodhana, Nayaganai nindra. Buy Sri Lalithambal Shobanam- Malayalam online at best price in India on Snapdeal. Read Sri Lalithambal Shobanam- Malayalam reviews & author details. Lalithambal Shobanam. Bhagavath Dyana Shobanam- Swamy Desikan Duration : min. Views: Category: Music. Lalitha Pancharatnam Duration:

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Let all people hear.

Sri Lalithambal Shobanam- Malayalam

Then to avoid danger to his devotees Lord Parameshwara drank all the poison. After the sunset Malaka and other fifteen Asuras came slowly and encircled the. Hearing that the ministers were dead, Shobabam consulted with his brothers, and sent Kutilaksha along with an army and ordered to him to wage a big war. To live, to listen, to learn. Thus Lord Kameswara married the Goddess Lalitha and all the people in the three worlds praised them. She came in a chariot called Ganditha along with Dandini and Manthrini and they cut the sons of Bandasura and other Asuras in to small pieces.

allithambal We will let you know when in stock. In the face of lalithamgal moon there are twenty pretty decorated forts, one hundred pretty towers four per fortafter that there is a forest of lotus flowers for six yojanas, Oh Brahmieast of that is the forest of Kadamba trees.

I shall tell about it first. Indra, you do not have any sparkle in your world and the devas have become like people without food and the Brahmins of the world have become misers. Green coloured ones, cut green ones, one who wears ear drops, One who is the colour of dusk, Fully blue coloured ones and other five coloured ones, Durgadevils called Pidari.

Their heads as well the bodies of Asuras started rolling. And so she was called Kamakshi [2] by Lord Brahma and the devas waited outside for ten thousand years and Brahma told the goddess about their waiting. As per the wishes of the devas, Manmatha with his arrows hit at the God and the Goddess, the God got angry and burnt Manmatha in to ashes by his third eye. He then created Vishukra who was his intelligent brother on his right shoulder. If this Shobana is said in an impure state or in doubt, they would become sick.


Hearing this the asura left Maya and sitting in the throne thought for some time and along with his army marched to kill the devas. And that garland fell on the neck of the Lord Kameswara. Please bless us and remove all our dangers. We are falling at your lotus like feet with eight parts of our body touching the floor. All the devas who have assembled here are standing here with folded hands.

Shhobanam Bandasura with great anger sent Hiranyaksha. The goddess ,alithambal to the palace and sat on the throne along with her shobanwm and to all those who were hungry she gave all the boons requested using her nectar like eyes.

The ladies used to learn it by heart and start singing it immediately after their bath. Vedavalli’s rendition is excellent!

| Lalithambal Shobanam – Devotional 2 – Video

This Bandasura is like cotton to me, I would burn this Bandasura insect within half a second. The seven Yojana space in between is filed with all type of trees We are now shobaham to tell about the details of the seven yojanas. Oct 9, 5. Later all the devas talked with each other and decided on one thing.

Inshe received the Sangeetha Kalanidhi, which is considered the highest award in Carnatic music. India’s fastest online shopping destination. She married Kameswara the handsome gentleman form of Lord Shiva and later she killed Bandasura and his huge army.

Oct 8, 4. Then Vishanga waged war against the Shakthis on first floor and they beseeched the goddesses. New product price is lower than exchange product price. If you are a new user Register login. The asuras from Malaka to Jwala mukhi killed all the fifteen asuras and their army and chased the thin Vishanga and drove him lalithamval the place where Goddess Lalitha was staying.


It would not go away by some other act. Nov 1, 6. Remember your video choices. Sathi was born as the daughter of the Himalaya Mountain. But since you have asked, I will tell you.

Lalithambal Shobanam(Tamil)

This popular poem which used to be daily recited by thousands of ladies in Iyer homes in Tamil Nadu is a summary of Lalithopakhyanam found in Brahmanda Purana. And seeing her prettiness asuras stopped their fight and were puzzled as to who she is and started surrounding her. She also wore an incomparable blouse and bangles in her hand.

He shkbanam ash all over his body and has a matted hair and holds a skull vessel in his hands and danced in Chidambaram. Leading two thousand one hundred and fifty five Akshouhini army, Bandasura started for war in a chariot.

Immediately Hari hara puthra was born and he uplifted the world. Then The Goddess shook the middle finger of her left hand and from that shobanwm Balarama with a plough as big as Kailasa mountain and killed all the monkeys. And seeing that a fight has broken out between them, Shovanam Vishnu, meditated on the Goddess of illusion and then he took the form of Mohini and enchanted the asuras. Lord Vishnu came before the husband of Lopa Mudhra holding conch, wheel and a book in his right hands.

The foolish asuras did not know even this. Saint Shukra brought and gave him the crown, throne and the white fan lalithambsl umbrella. Shakthis then regained their composure and then Vishukra told Lalirhambal about it. Sankari thus got victory by killing all asuras.