Build a very simple K2 workflow to get familiar with basic concepts and techniques for building workflows. (And decide whether you prefer ‘Football’ or ‘ Soccer’!). These tutorials will teach you how to build SmartForms, SmartObjects and workflows with K2’s browser-based design environment, K2 Designer. These tutorials. This tutorial explains how to build a very simple “Hello, World” style workflow with K2 Studio. This tutorial is ideally suited for users who are brand new to K2.

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What is K2 BlackPearl? The following actions are performed automatically by the app registration if it is able to complete successfully:.

By using our site, you acknowledge that blackearl have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Blwckpearl. Creating Your First Workflow. The K2 Designer for Visio is aimed at the business analyst using a tool that they are familiar with, Microsoft Office Visio Install SmartForms control pack.

Create Roles for each AD groups of K2 applications: Configure permissions for K2 Application Categories 1. So we do not require writing any code even if it will be complex business requirement. Workflows can easily be designed using canvases that allow for graphical development through dragging and dropping of activities.

K2 BlackPearl Workflow tutorial

You will be able to see the workflow added to the K2 application. In my next article I will show the process of development.

An icon similar to the following should be displayed: This is normal and it means that the setup will also update the issuer URL. The window should look similar to the following:. Visual Studio New Features. When the app registration is run within SharePoint, various tasks are performed for you automatically.


For further reading, please reference the following articles: Different issuers typically provide certificates for registered domains in different formats and the installation of the certificates for use in IIS are also often different. Applications help analyse bottlenecks, redundancies and other blackpwarl wi To protect your applications from unauthorized use or unauthorized modification, you may want to control or restrict access to certain K2 application elements e.

Deploy the workflow Click on the File tab in the ribbon interface and then click on Deploy.

In the below example we will be making use of a dynamic DNS service to expose a local virtual machine. In each App A and App B category, create the category structure shown below. There is a warning at the bottom explaining that the current configuration is referencing a binding that does not exist, this is to be expected.

Workflow rights are set per workflow. Next K2 Five Upgrade Deadline. Create a new item. Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market overview and tips on how to select Business Process Management BPM software for business.

In this article you will see how to create a K2 workflow in SharePoint Online. Register SSL certificate step 1. Admins, Developers, and Users. Once SmartForms and the control pack have been installed and configured, you are now ready to install your SSL certificate on the K2 server.

Request a new Category View All. First, execute the K2 blackpearl setup manager from the start menu. K2 allows for rapid development of process-driven applications using a multitude of tools. Forms, Views, and SmartObjects or Categories in your environment. Navigate to the Office site.



I have already added the K2 to SharePoint App. Also remove all Users, Group and Roles from selected categories Security rights. Re-run the K2 SmartForms configuration from start menu — this updates the relevant SmartForms environment blackpeael. If you pick up on any errors or inconsistencies, please leave a comment below!

– K2 Materials and Topics – Stack Overflow

Also, if you want an overview of what K2 is all about, you can find it here: Most likely, you will want to set rights to other categories, as detailed in K2 Categories documentation: It allows for the creation of simple workflows, SmartObjects, and complex process-driven applications. The following actions are performed automatically by the app registration if it is able to complete successfully: The K2 Designer for Visual Studio is the most sophisticated of the workflow designers, providing an extensive feature set.

Over the past few years it has become more and more common to see companies move towards K2 installations that are either completely hosted in the cloud or hosted in a combination with some servers on premise and some in the cloud. Check the K2 server prerequisites The first main task in any K2 installation is to first check the K2 server prerequisites. Use categories node to set rights on categories and forms. What platforms does K2 BlackPearl support? Director opened tutoeial item and approved the item.