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18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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A krr license signed by the Commissioner andbearing the registration number and date of issued thereofand the month of expiry or renewability shall likewise beissued to every registrant who has paid the annual regis-trations fees for three 3 consecutive years and has com-plied with the requirements of the Continuing ProfessionalEducation CPEunless exempted therefrom.

The individual interview willbe necessary in the assessment of the experience, compe-tence ir the readiness of the applicant to render profes-sional electrical engineering service. Requirements for Examination as a RegisteredMaster Electrician.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

If, for any reason, anysection or provision of the herein Rules and Regulationsor the application of such rules and irt or provi-sion to any person or circumstance is declared unconstitu-tional, unlawful or invalid, no other section or provision ofthis Rules and Regulations shall be affected thereby.

He shall also undergo the oral examination or interview conducted by at least two 2 Board Members. Institutional buildings are school buildings, hospitals,museums, display centers, government buildings andthe like. Commissioner the Chairman of the Professional Regu-lation Commissiond.

All applications fororal examinations for professional electrical engineer andwritten examinations for registered electrical engineer andregistered master electrician shall be subject to paymentof fees prescribed by the Commission: If he failed in the written examinations, but was given a passing mark in his Engineering Report under RAhe shall submit the title of his report and the corresponding rating obtained.

He may authorize or designate any of its members or the Secretary of the Professional Regulatory Boards, in case of his absence or indisposition. It may exempt the applicant from the neces-sity of undergoing an examination. Enforcement of the Act by Officers of theLaw. Reexamination of Failed Subjects. Registration and License Required. Provided, however, That their mainte-nance and repair shall be under the charge of a duly regis-tered personnel: Falsely impersonate any registrant of like or differentname;e.


If he failed in the written examinations, but wasgiven a passing mark in his Engineering Report underRAhe shall submit the title of his report and thecorresponding rating obtained.

Look in the condition affecting the practice of the elec-trical engineering profession, adopt measures for theenhancement of the profession ier the maintenanceof high professional, technical, and ethical standardsand conduct ocular inspection of places where regis-trants practice their ier, such as, but not lim-ited to: He is at least eighteen 18 years of age;c.

Syllabi – outlines embodying topics and concepts of major subjects prescribed in specific courses of study to serve as basis for test questions in the licensure examinations. Types and uses of measuringinstruments.

An Electrical Engineer should discharge hisduties with absolute fidelity to his clients and employers,and to act at all times, with fairness and impartiality to all,having due regard to public interest and welfare. R portion of the inner circle above the diametralspace shall contain the name Philippines; and the portionbelow, the registration number.

Electric supply equipment is any equipment whichproduces, modifies, regulates, or controls the supplyof electric energy. The individual interview will be necessary in the assessment of the experience, competence and the readiness of the applicant to render professional electrical engineering service. It shall be the duty of all constituted officers of thelaw of the national government, or any provincial, city ormunicipal government or of any political subdivision thereofto prosecute any person violating the provisions of this Act.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

An Electrical Engineer should not divulgeconfidential matters or information which has come to hisknowledge concerning affairs of his client or employers,without their consent.

The subjects to be taken shall be described in the corresponding syllabi prescribed by the Board.

Be a professional electrical engineer with a valid cer-tificate of registration and rir valid professional licenseduly qualified to practice electrical engineering in thePhilippines;f. Enforceability of the BOard’s Decision – The decision of theBoard imposing a disciplinary action against the respondent in an administrative case shall become final and executory unless it is appealed by the respondent to the Commission within fifteen rx days from the receipt of the decision.

The names of the successful examinees with the names and grades of topnotchers and the names of topperformer schools shall be officially published in the newspaper of general circulation.


RA 7920 and IRR

Provided, however, That itis unlawful for anyone to stamp or seal any document withsaid seal after the registrants name has been delisted fromthe roster of professional engineers or after the validity ofhis professional license has expired.

Power plant design refers to planning, specifying,coordinating and layouting of electrical equipment inpower plants, substation and the like. In the event of refusal to issue certificatesfor any reason, the Board shall irr the applicant a writtenstatement setting forth the reasons for such action, whichstatement shall be incorporated in the records of the Board.

The Board ofElectrical Ea, hereinafter referred to as the Board,shall be created as collegial body under the general su-pervision and administrative control of the ProfessionalRegulations Commission, hereinafter called as the Com-mission, composed of a chairman and two 2 members tobe 79920 by the President of the Philippines fromamong the recommendees of the Commissioner of the Pro-fessional Regulations Commission, hereinafter referred toas the Commissioner, who were chosen from the nomineesof the integrated and accredited association of electricalengineers and of other registered association of electricalengineers and allied fields.

An applicant for Registration as Pro-fessional Electrical Engineer, shall submit the followingdocuments: The registration of professionalelectrical engineer, registered electrical engineer or reg-istered urr electrician commences from the date hisname is entered in the roll of registrants or licensees for hisprofession.

The applicant shall pass a written examination onthe different subjects or group of subjects as follows;1. Description of resis-tors, capacitors, inductors and semi-conduc-tors. Practice Not Allowed for Firms and Corpo-rations. Any rir ap-plying for registration as professional electrical engineershall establish to the satisfaction of the Board that on orbefore the date of registration, he irr the followingqualification: Prior towriting the report, the proposed title and outline shallbe submitted to the Board for approval as to subjectmatter, organization, technical content and presenta-tion.

Power and Duties of the Board. The following elements of the report shall be included in the order given below: Examinees report of rating shall bemailed within one 1 month from the date of the release.