Propz Me Life HP 1740A PDF

HP 1740A PDF

A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www · MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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Replacement Transformer Started by ncag Today at 7: Semiconductor Terminal Identification Table is a complete list of the Model A critical specifications that are controlled by tolerances.

Chassis Parts and Board Assembly Identification 7- 1. Stable display confirms proper trig- gering g. Troubleshooting the time base can be difficult since it is a closed loop circuit and waveforms may be nonexistent in any part of the loop.

Cables between BNC tee and input connectors should be of equal length. A9C4 to 82 PF.

A User Manual – A Oscilloscope from HP

Testmobiles All accept the Model A and provide mobile stands for the oscilloscope If no hori zontal deflection can be obtained under normal sweep conditions, the problem may be either in the time base or Horizontal Output Assembly AIL To quickly determine which is at fault, put the oscilloscope in the A VS B mode and connect a 1-kHz sine wave to the channel B input.


This turns off A8Q1. Dec Thu 12, 3: The gate Schmitt circuit see figure and schematic 12 provides Gate Amplifier Assembly A12 with the proper input for each display mode. I have digital electronics experience, but no idea what voltages to expect on an oscilloscope. The high-voltage oscillator pro- duces cathode, grid, and focus voltages for the CRT.

Post a scanned image of the Scopes Yamp’s circuitry [ from the manual]the section that covers the Y inputs to the Y plates will be enough for starters.

High- speed linearity is controlled by a lag network at the input of each amplifier.

Oscilloscope 1740A

Adjust either channel vernier whichever is most effective to achieve minimum deflection. NG Un useable trigger mode. Check for supplied accessories listed in Section I and hpp the electrical performance of the instrument using the performance test procedures outlined in Section V. Disconnect A 15 from A That’s an excellent scope and if you can manage to locate HP probes for it affordably, all the better.

HPA Oscilloscope | QRZ Forums

Return controls to initial settings, I do not know what the correct deflection plate voltages should be, or what the difference in the 2 voltage should be for the signal trace to be correct or visible on the screen. Th is section of the manual contains the perform- ance specifications for the Model A, and a list of the options available.

Remove Interface Assembly A Dc voltages, waveforms, and conditions for making these measure- ments are given on or adjacent to the schematics.


Table will help analyze problems under a no-sweep condition. When the trigger signal is lost, A7C13 discharges and A7Q17 turns on. The cathode voltage will vary between — V to — V, depending on component tolerances of A15R13 1740w A15R22 and is not adjust- able. Dec Fri 13, 4: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Set signal generator controls to obtain gp MHz, mV p-p signal 2 divisions. Complete remaining steps in table by repeating above procedure for each step. As long as the trigger signal is absent, the bright-line auto circuit loop operates as follows. LINE switch shaft will protrude through front panel. Change value to 0. An intensity control circuit is used for brightening or blanking the CRT when necessary.

The first Schmitt trigger Theory Model A determines the end of sweep and disables the other two Schmitt triggers until the end of the holdoff period. The vertical out put amplifier provides drive to the CRT vertical de- flection plates. Wear protective gloves and handle the CRT carefully. Horizontal Section Block Delayed Sweep Calibration