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HDU – Kindle edition by India Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and. Read HDU: A Novel by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. HDU: A Novel by India Lee. By India Lee. Unemployed, alone, and forced to move back in with her parents, Amanda Nathan’s idea of fun these.

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India Lee did it again, people. Open Preview See a Problem? That’s your own fault buddy! But Amanda is just everything he’s ever wanted. V is for Virgin is the obvious comparison for me.

Make me proud that she could figure out what she wanted to do in life and that she got to accomplish it. Most of the characters are back, but instead of diving even deeper into a deliciously evil revenge fantasy based in the entertainment and tabloid world, jdu Dirt the action is toned down considerably.

And yeah, because the ending felt rushed within five pages or something, Ydu went into rehab, Amanda got a job, decided to stay in New York, and she and Liam got back together I felt like the ending didn’t do justice to these characters.

I love that she kept her simplicity and her wholesomeness?

India Lee Books

They were lively, passionate and happy. Like he doesn’t have enough going on in his own life. She was bored, single and lonely. Or why she didn’t get angrier at the people dismissing her when she chose to stand by her friend, Ian — someone who had been there for her when she needed him, and was instrumental in setting her life on this path — at personal cost to her. And considering it was a freebie on Amazon, I wasn’t expecting more than a couple laughs and maybe an eye roll or two.


But of no use. And you all know how I love the former. It kind of reminded me of The Ivy books.

Through a series of scathing hdi about movie star Liam Brody, she finds herself being messaged by said star. And at this point they’ve only known each other for a few short hours.

Meaning; she’s the one who shifts through the A bit of background- heard about this book on via twitter who linked the post to ONTD- someone had written a book about the website! Once she got to Hd York, I didn’t love everything hdk as much.

I did enjoy the story a lot. Lee has a good flow and can really write chemistry. If you can’t tell from the name of my blog: I would have loved to have seen what Amanda had planned for Casey always knew she was a manipulative biatch who could only ever think of herself, what a cow!

It’s a relatively good fluffy read. But when I actually started feeling it. No evil Megan figure, no seductive British actor to throw a spanner in the works; bdu Amanda and Liam, halfheartedly battling against ambitious Casey and a crazy director, while newly dull Ian sips Kombucha and lives off vegetarian meals while trying to avoid bad karma.

And in terms of supporting characters: How perceptions of celebrity changes from hour to hour. Inria didn’t feel sympathetic about him; I barely cared what happened to him.

HDU (HDU, #1) by India Lee

I don’t even know, it doesn’t make sense. Indua goes deeper into the drama of the industry and is for an older set as our lead, Amanda Nathan, is in her twenties – specifically the early, post-grad twenties where you feel a lot of pressure to do shit with your life hi, Amanda Sounds amazing! I love this story. In fact, she’s the opposite and falls somewhere between hysterical fan-girl and normal human being, and she gradually gravitates towards the later as the book progresses. I lowered my rating to 2 stars after a few heu.


There was a lew portion of the book where it felt like he was missing. And fun references like LJ’s Diner! After reading loads of dick lit, it’s strangely nice to read a book where I actually liked and rooted for the characters!

I really enjoyed the ups and the downs of this dramatic romance novel.

I thought it was a great sequel to HDU. I may need to go track down the ONTD post about this at some point. The ending was just what I was looking for and didn’t leave any loose ends, at least none that bothered me.

I would have also liked to have seen a happy ending for Ian he didn’t lndia what happened to him!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The romance wasn’t all that well developed. As a celebrity gossip blog moderator, she relishes in posting nasty rumors about the notorious Hollywood playboy she loves to hate, Liam Brody.

The story begins with a post on Hvu about Liam Brody, 25 year old actor who I learn is a sleazebag that dates and dumps models on practically a daily basis. Since Tom was a powerful writer and his wife Wendy genuinely likes Amanda, if Amanda had gone to her with Carey’s deception, something could have happened, right?

It’s the sweetest thing. I’d probably read it. A bit of background- heard about le book on via twitter who linked the post to ONTD- someone had written a book ydu the website!

So much drama and I sapped it up. Return to Book Page.