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Cisco How-To Tutorials The Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) feature was integrated into Cisco IOS Software Release (15)T. There are two methods a LAN host can determine its default gateway or first-hop router. The first method uses a dynamic process such as a. GLBP is a Cisco proprietary protocol which was made available in . I’ve been following your two previous tutorials on HSRP and VRRP.

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The main drawback of dynamic discovery protocols is that they require some configuration and processing on the host, which must participate in the dynamic process. As one of these, FHRPs are used to provide redundancy; which one you use depends on the specific deployment and the vendors that will be used tutorkal the target network. An example will then be shown on how these steps can be used to configure GLBP in a sample networking topology.

GLBP (Gateway Load Balancing Protocol) |

See All Related Store Items. If the router R1 becomes unavailable, the backup with higher priority, that is R2should assume the role of master. But only one member of the group is elected as the active router that forwards packets sent to tutoriql virtual IP address for the group.

You can configure the priority of each virtual router backup with a value of 1 through using vrrp priority command.

Cisco Gateway Load Balance Protocol (GLBP) Configuration Process and Commands

This section covers a simple example of how GLBP can be configured in a basic common topology. Because of this, a number of different technologies have been developed to provide redundancy at every point within the network. The output of show vrrp on R2 below shows that it is a virtual router backup having priority Other members of the group provide backup for the AVG if it goes down.

R1 config-if glbp 1 authentication key-chain testchain. The result of this would be R2 futorial the master while R3 staying as backup, as indicated by the tutoria of show vrrp command on R2 and R3. The other router or routers become standby and take over if the active router fails.

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Gateway Load Balancing Protocol GLBP Tutorial

The object-number can be any number between 1 and The default VRRP priority is also though and we configured it manually just for the sake of demonstration. The figure below shows a basic topology in which VRRP is configured. The key for the MD5 hash can either be given directly in the configuration using a key string or supplied indirectly through a key chain.

For example, if there are two routers in a group and R1 has double the forwarding capacity of router B, the weighting value of router A should be configured to be double the amount of R2. If the IP address of the physical interface on a VRRP router is configured as the virtual IP address, this router will function as the virtual router master.

One router in the group assumes the role of the active router and handles all requests from clients. Tables 2 and 3 show the basic commands that are required to configure GLBP between the two devices shown in Figure 1.

The newer version 2 improves upon version 1 and is now the preferred choice.

High Availability – VRRP, HSRP, GLBP – Free CCNA Study Guide

Although we can partially configure load balancing via HSRP or VRRP tlbp multiple groups but we have to assign tutorkal default gateways on the hosts. So how about the Switch? I need latest dumps please. The key-number can be any number between In this tutorial, we will learn how GLBP works.

If one group fails, we must reconfigure the default gateways on the hosts, which results in extra administrative burden. If the virtual router master fails, the virtual router backup configured with the highest priority will become the virtual router master.

The group-number can be any value from 1 to In this section, the commands that are covered will extend to those that modify the default behavior of the GLBP process.

But the trick here is it gbp not always give the same answer to that question:. The main disadvantage of HSRP and VRRP is that only one gateway is elected to be the active gateway and used to forward traffic whilst the rest are unused until the active one fails. The group IP address is configured as the default gateway in each host.


Multiple first-hop routers on the LAN form a group to offer a single virtual router, also sharing the IP packet forwarding load. The static approach simplifies host configuration but also creates a single point of failure. You can see from the output for R1 below glb; it is the active router.

Although it is possible to configure multiple virtual router groups to achieve load balancing in case of HSRP and VRRP, but it requires configuring different default gateways on different hosts, which is an extra administrative burden.

A host configured with a static default gateway is isolated if the gateway fails. Enter the key string that will be used to authenticate with neighboring devices. You can see from above output that the priority of R1 is and it is the master. R1 config-if glbp 1 load-balancing weighted. The highest priority assignment to R1 is a consequence of using the physical IP address of R1 as the virtual group IP address.

One end rutorial send the encrypted key called hash, using MD5 to the other. Premium Membership Become a member to interact with all questions and practice labs!

Hi guys, can someone send the latest dumps my way plz?? If the two encrypted keys are the same then authentication is approved.

These two versions of HSRP are not compatible with each other. So each client gets a different virtual MAC address for the same virtual IP address of the default gateway. And load balancing is achieved! Traffic is balanced proportional to a configured weight. The routers participating in GLBS communicate with each other through hello messages sent every 3 seconds to the multicast address The tutoroal output of show vrrp on R3 tutkrial that it is also a backup with a priority of R2 configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.

Tutrial configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.