If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. GAR /GAR-T Free-Fall Lifeboat Today, an unsinkable free-fall lifeboat is standard equipment on virtually all cargo vessels and tankers. The hull of this free-fall. So Lets see what maintenance we need to do on free fall lifeboats to ensure As per SOLAS we need to lower the free fall lifeboat as follows.

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Mayank Sep 21, Apart from that every month we need to check and operate the sprinkler valve. So the required weight is 1. Usually there are three air bottles in the lifeboat.

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Rajeev Jassal has sailed for over 19 years mainly on crude oil, product and chemical tankers. It is all in the name. SOLAS want us to try to lower by free fall every 3 months But if it is not possible for some reasons, it frerfall us to lower the lifeboat with davit and then manoeuvre once every 3 months but it must be lowered by free fall atleast every 6 months. At one point, boat is clear of the rod, and boat moves through the channel to drop into the water.

Fassmer GAR 6.0 – Free Fall Lifeboats

Below is the actual calculation for one of the ship. How this test is done? But if we combine this fact with the fact that most of the companies do not allow the vessels to stay at anchor if wind force is more than 6, the stopper should not deform. I personally used to rest the cable on the stopper but it would be wrong to say that other method is completely incorrect.


We must make sure that before annual class surveys, the annual examination of lifeboats is complete. In addition, a free fall lifeboat is, in order to aim and carry out free fall from a depot ship to a sea surface, the crew is getting in from a stern hatch.

Seafarers Question Answers Ask or answer a question on this forum. Irrespective of how we lower the boat, we need to manoeuver it gaar water every three months. The test can be carried out with only the operating crew onboard or by a simulated launching as per MSC Circ.

If you have system with no Hydraulic to lower the FFLB, for 5 year load test, physical weights like sand lifebooat equivalent to the 1. Asagar Abbas Jul 23, If by ERD you mean Emergency recovery Device called recovery stropes then it is Nylon straps used for recovery of on load release lifeboat in heavy weather.

They say, A friend in need is a friend indeed. The free fall boat HAVE to be launched in the water every three months, or 6 months? Go to myseatime blogs. Many companies have a policy to renew the lifeboat battery every 2 or 3 years.

Nonetheless, it is hydraulic pressure that removes the lifeboat from secured point to release. Hi Milan, sorry to have missed your comment.

Fassmer GAR – Free Fall Lifeboats – Buy & Sell | Dredging Database

Ask or answer a question on this forum. This is simple mathematical calculation which I will not go deep into. There are two pins protruding from inside the lifeboat. Rahul Srivastava Apr 25, Rajeev, Appreciate your very well written articles. His checklist also include the inspection of lifeboat equipment inventory.

We must repair any crack in the hull at once. Good day sir i really liked all ur articles, dey are elaborated quite well,sir i heard term ERD ,what does dis mean? Only one pin would come out and lift the boat to release into the water. This is because, opening of hydraulic brake decreases rather than increases the reliability of the brake. If lowering by free fall, the required crew need to sit inside the boat and launch it from inside.


Lifeboat Self contained air support system Lifeboats fitted on tankers has self contained air support system. Rajeev Jassal Oct 28, As lifeboat fuel quantity is not considerable, renewing the fuel every 5 year is much economical option. Also freefsll should release pressure from the line before opening the second bottle valve. More and more ships these days are fitted with free fall lifeboats.

I keep saying lifting the boat on the basis of release gear example I mentioned earlier. MySeaTime Podcast This podcast on the maritime matters will provide value to the listeners. I see the hard work required in keeping the articles updates to the latest, May i suggest change to procedure for simulated launch: As the pin touches the rod, and as we keep increasing the pressure, pins lifts the boat upwards.

He has done extensive research on quantitatively measuring Safety culture onboard and safety climate ashore which he believes is the most important element for safer shipping. Written by Capt Rajeev Jassal on April 23, Life saving equipments are the only equipments on board which are for us. I have seen FFLB without hydraulic release system, fitted with normal lever and wire system to lock down the hook which is holding the boat with a strong point on ship by means of a chain.

SOLAS requires to carry out dynamic test with higher loads every 5 years.