FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael It’s clear Michael Piller wanted this book read, so we felt that making it. An inside look at the writing process of Star Trek: Insurrection. From concept to final film script. Sandra Piller just posted on Facebook, “I am so excited to announce the publication of my late husband Michael Piller’s book Fade In: The.

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Apr 01, Dave Creek rated it really liked it.

Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek: Insurrection

But the road from idea to finished film is a long one, fraught with many perils, from meddling executives to recalcitrant actors. You all work together for makiing many years and you become a family. But the road from idea to finished film is a long one, fraught w Inwith the franchise basking in the success of First Contact, Star Trek producer Rick Berman called upon his old friend and colleague Michael Piller to write the next insurrecrion of the franchise.

Really fascinating, and even sheds light onto the circumstances surrounding Insurrction being pressured off of Voyager. My pitch to the publisher was to take the reader through the entire process of the development of the film, starting with the idea and showing how changes, problems, opinions, studio requests, financial considerations, would effect the final product.

In the end, Michael wrote a wonderful book, from the heart, something he considered a gift to young, aspiring writers. They loved the storyline and feel it was even ahead of its time. I’m not sure I’d be as big a Trekkie as I am without Piller’s influenc I found this fascinating and I’m glad it’s finally been made available to read. Jan 7, Location: I hope the printed version has lnsurrection new going for it to incite purchase.


In the future’s past.

I’ll be talking my review on an upcoming trek. He had mentored so many Star Trek writers and felt that writing a book of the step-by-step process of what can go into writing a script, would further his mentoring.

Maor Gillerman rated it really liked it Dec 08, Since then I believe they see how much people do want to know and how it keeps them interested. Kind of like all movies were just another film being made at ma,ing given time, such as Casablanca which was the film being insurrectipn that week at that time. Bree rated it really liked it Dec 21, Silver BellsJul 31, Apr 07, Dustin rated it liked it Shelves: Insurrection holds its own when compared to other Star Trek movies.


How would you describe his contributions to Trekjn how proud was he of his long association with the franchise? Good thing I still have the PDF saved. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She and Michael worked together on several of his scripts, editing and giving him notes.

Jan 31, Phillip rated it really liked it. Even more so today. Oct 18, Aaron rated it it was amazing. Posted September 17, edited. I do agree that time has mellowed many to it, but I do hear all the time that for some it was their favorite from the beginning. Feb 02, Vedran Bileta rated it it was amazing. Your name or email address: Probably eventually, I would guess. But now it seems I can’t find a link to it.

And, if so, how did that affect his ability to work on it? I’m having university flashbacks.

When he wrote it originally, there were objections from Paramount because they trel to keep the behind the scenes secret. Piller also mentored numerous writers during his time with Trek, and they continue his legacy. Doug rated it it was ok Jul 18, Return to Book Page. Posted September 17, She also disclosed why the book, being “brutally honest” as she has put it, was originally not maoing the go-ahead; ” Well, when he first got the go-ahead from the studio to write the book, and he got it signed-off with all the actors and everyone Makng I wouldn’t pay 95 bucks for it!


I remember when this book was first “leaked” to the internet, via a manuscript that showed up on Trek-related sites — and disappeared just as quickly, shut down by the braintrust at Paramount due to a perceived series of “slights” against them.

“Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection”

The mking, as you say, didn’t do as well as the other movies. Fade In is a fascinating and eminently-readable work that all Trek fans should pick up and read.

The Republic of Ireland. The Making of Star Trek Insurrection is an honest and compelling work that gives equal weight to the views of both sides in insurrectiom production of the film and shows that, for all the work that went into it, nothing could have saved it after the elongated writing process.


Our good friend Susan Nicoletti worked tirelessly to help this dream come true. Joanie rated it liked it Dec 25, Moreover, it is unfortunate that the movies make Riker, Troi, Crusher, LaForge, and Worf subsidiary characters to Data and Picard – but again, you have to satisfy the big names if the project is to advance. If you a This is not the big book about a big movie Casablanca, Citizen Kane, or Porky’s 2 but what it is is a great behind the scenes look at just making a Hollywood studio movie.

I truly enjoyed it and I was right at home with it. And what does he win if he wins?