By Erle Montaigue October 19, The Following was my first attempt at educating the general martial arts public as to Dim Mak. before this, I would only ever. The touch of death (or Death-point striking) refers to any martial arts technique reputed to kill using seemingly less than lethal force targeted at specific areas of the body. The concept known as dim mak (simplified Chinese: 点脉; traditional According to Montaigue’s own account, dim mak is an aspect of traditional old Yang. Dim-Mak has 29 ratings and 1 review. Revealed in this book for the first time are the long-held secrets of dim-mak: a system of deadly strikes to vital a.

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Dim-Mak: Death Point Striking

Dim Mak Death Touch “It tends to dissipate the effect and then you’d only get the purely physical effect of hitting someone in the chest, which can be quite devastating in itself anyway, but not the full thing with the point. I have known which points to strike and how to erke them but have never known why! Jimmer Bimmer rated montaiguee liked it Jul 23, It’s extraordinarily dangerous to practice some of these techniques because if you do happen to get them right and you don’t have erlr knowledge of how to correct it, for example there’s this point on the forearm where you could easily make someone fall down” Erle asks: NB Photos to be added!

Ahmed Saleh rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Ahmad Midhat rated it it was ok Feb 15, Where are you going to practice this!

Bear rated it it was ok Oct 20, frle Refresh and try again. Because that point, used in that way causes an energy disorder in all of the internal organs. David Leyva rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Later incarnations of the Doctor have shown varying degrees of expertise in hand-to-hand combat, although only some spin-off material explicitly identifies the later Doctors’ combat skills as originating from Venusian aikido.

It is quite a simple matter of using a chest protector and having yellow dots placed on the areas of the vital points to gain this accuracy”. Dim Mak Death Touch “Probably takes three lifetimes because people keep getting killed in the middle of training.

But if you do that light heatedly, that person will stay unwell for two to three years afterward. Other points you want to put, I guess mntaigue you’d call, well the Chinese call Xie Qi, which means ‘evil energy’ in. Gottfried Wilhelm rated it liked it Aug 08, With contact but just the very lightest contact.


Dim Mak Death Touch

We didn’t find the snake, he must have known of my prowess as a martial artist! Dim Mak Death Touch “You still have to use power at any time or point.

About Montaigu Mak “So is there a safe way of practising these points on your friends? Joeseph rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Dim Mak Death Touch “Yea, the points on the forearm, wrist and elbow are very useful because often fights can be stopped before they start just by immobilising the attacker.

Dim-Mak: Death Point Striking by Erle Montaigue

Any of the vital points will have a great effect even if struck at the wrong time but much more force is necessary at these times. Dim Mak Death Touch “Some people promote the idea that you can do this sort of thing as a separate art but from the point of view of responsibility for a start, if you can only hit someone on the point, that can be really dangerous to them, you should really know how to reverse the effect” Erle asks: And what are known as the dim mak points are really only acupuncture points, most of which are used every day by the practising acupuncturist without causing death.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There are for instance certain points on the human body that will cause death a time later after being struck with the initial strike not causing much pain. Montaigue stated this man was an illegal immigrant, making his existence difficult to verify.

Because all of the internal organs are interconnected they all balance each other and once one of them gets out of balance a idm of others can follow.

Published May 1st by Paladin Press first published January montaigu Super applications for Yang Chen Fu Form.

montaiyue Ted rated it really liked it Feb 17, Abby rated it it was amazing Apr 18, When I say the Chang Shang-Feng invented the art, it was not without help. We are of course no longer at the address above! To ask other readers questions about Dim-Makplease sign up. About Dim Mak “So what you’re saying basically is that it’s an understanding of acupuncture combined with martial ability, it’s not really like, to go down to the nearest dim mak school and learn death touch but rather one must learn basic acupuncture and combine wrle with martial arts”.


A dim mak attack is used to paralyze a character in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon So you’d have to work back using a very sophisticated knowledge of Chinese medicine” Erle asks: It would take an enormous amount of sophisticated knowledge because the body has it’s own checks and balances and it can correct most things. I know that there are certain points on the human body which when struck with a medium powered strike will cause great injury.

The Following was my first attempt at educating the general montagiue arts public as to Mlntaigue Mak.

I do know of instances in Sydney where martial artists who do have both of these forms have rendered someone unconscious and then they’ve revived them and said come and see me tomorrow and then given them acupuncture and herbs. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Stridersmith rated it really liked it Jan 31, Three fim later I am still waiting. This will not cause any immediate damage and the person will be able to continue fighting, even if somewhat sore. About Dim Mak “Perhaps we should show some of these points on the arms in photos.

I do not believe that montaige techniques of delayed death touch or hurting from a distance exist, or if they ever did have long been forgotten or have just required too much work to accomplish. About Dim Mak “Why? For example some of the points must either have energy or Qi either put in or taken out to either heal or damage that point and it’s associated organ.

Different styles, different attitudes from different countries. In the comedy film The Men Who Stare at GoatsGeorge Clooney ‘s character claims to have been hit with the Touch of Death, a “light tap” that causes death at an unknown point in the future, in one case “about eighteen years later”. Dim Mak Death Touch “You wouldn’t even want to strike even that hard.