El designio del ángel has ratings and reviews. Mizuki said: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, is one of the most cliched, over-ranted YA books I’d. About El designio del ángel. by Cynthia Hand (Goodreads Author). Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El designio del ángel, please sign up. Por fin me topo con un personaje adolescente y sobrenatural que tiene los pies puestos sobre la tierra y que además, se comporta más como Ángel que como.

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Return to Book Page. Un fuerte olor a humo. Avanzo un paso hacia el muchacho. La tierra cruje bajo mis pies. Empieza a darse la vuelta. Parpadeo, y todo desaparece.

Paperbackpages. Published April 13th by Ediciones B first published January 4th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Guyysss I absolutely love this book!! Is there any good books you would recommend me that are like this series?

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. The Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine 3. StarCroosed Series by Josephine Angelini 4. Shatter Me Series by …more 1. Shatter Me Series cynthai Tahereh Mafi 5. Shadow Falls by C.

El Designio del Angel

Dark Visions by L. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken 8. Darkest Powers by Kelly Armstrong 9. Darkness Rising by Kelly Armstrong Soul Screamer by Rachel Vincent designoo Star-Crossed by Rachel Higginson.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead Lux Series by Jennifer L. Alienated by Melissa Landers The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo Hope you liked them!!! I’m absolutely in love with these series and I still haven’t gotten over most of these. Rimi this book is wonderful and heart touching, because believe it or not if there was an angel coming to earth and wondering why she is here, it could be …more cynthiz book is wonderful and heart touching, because believe it or not if there was an angel coming to earth and wondering why she is here, it could be a sign like there might be an angel in this world that will come to earth, want save people this is a convincing dseignio which an angel have faced in the earth less.

Lists with This Book. There’re a lot of five stars reviews for Unearthly, first book of Miss Hand’s paranormal series about Designip Mead and Melissa Marr giving their recommendations, that sounds promising isn’t it?

El designio del ángel — Reader Q&A

Even the cover artwork handd kind of good! But Unearthly had turned out to be so plain, so uneventful and so very I want to like this book, trust me I really do. Miss Hand’s writing is quite good, I also like how she described the Northern American countryside scenery, but the plot, characters, romance and angel mythology she had created are so very flat and poorly constructed that I’m very disappointed.

Clara is our heroine and the whole book is narrated with her fist-person POV without any break, which means we get to hear her thoughts and see things through her eyes ALWAYS but oh boy, Clara’s voice is so uninteresting, she barely shows curiosity about her part-angel’s blondline and the supernatural abilities it entailed.

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All-in-all, she barely has any thought about what it means to be an angel-blood and her ‘purpose’. Miss Hand simply tells us Clara’s designii told her she is an angel-blood and there’s a ‘purpose’ she needs to fulfill and that’s it.

Clara just sucks it up with hardly any second thought and question, she never pauses and digests the idea of being an angel-blood and what it really means. Maybe cyntiha just me, but I found a heroine so lacking in curiosity, who is so readily accepting her identity as a part-angel to be very uninteresting and unrealistic. So the angel-bloods have wings, they are beautiful to look at and can do things better than the humble little humans, but so what?

I can’t see them as being deserved the title of ‘angel’ at all! Simply put, Miss Hand offers us nothing new nor unique about hajd. A special thank to Jun Bisque, who dynthia this jpg for me! Instead Clara’s thoughts and concern are filled mostly by school-related affairs, hanging out with schoolmates and about boys. Therefore I found myself reading a drsignio mostly about the overused ‘new girl in a new school and how she gets around things AND ALSO how she gets two hot boys interested in her’ trapping, with barely hnd supernatural happening in sight, although a supernatural YA novel was what I thought I’d signed up for when I picked up Unearthly in the library.

Miss Hand also offered me hardly anything to roof for Clara, after reading a book of pages I still know so little about her as a character. But oh goodness, I wish Miss Hand can write a heroine who has more personality and likable quality than Clara nonetheless. On the other hand, I found Clara’s romance with Love Interest no.

At the beginning Tucker is being a jerk to Clara and guess what? He’s being a jerk and calling her names because he is secretly in love with her!!! Is that guy an 8 years old or something? Later Miss Hand seems to try damage-control the Tucker-thing by painting him as the nice, attractive, thoughtful guy but oh boy, the damage is already done.

Again the whole Clara-and-Tucker’s-romance is filled with a lot of “Tell, Not Show”; the author seems to want making the romance a slowly developed affair instead of some foolish love-at-first-sight thingy. It’s too sudden, too unconvincing. Clara’s mother plays an important part in the story because she’s supposed to be Clara’s loving mother and the one who enlightens her daughter about her angel-blood’s legacy, but oh boy this woman had done such a poor job on it!

What kind of mother is that? As to the evil Black Wings in question, we only see a single one of them in Unearthly.

But oh goodness, the existence of the Black Wings is only barely mentioned in the book and there’s no foreshadowing of the threat. And when a Black Wing actually shows up at the ending part, he looks like a plot-device which Miss Hand called up in the last minute for the sake of creating threat and tension other than a worthy, well-built villain. What a let down! I had mentioned that Miss Hand’s writing is good, but sadly her tone is flat, lacking in suspense and tension.

Still, I’m going to read the sequel, so I’ll have to wish myself good luck. Review for book 2: View all 29 comments. Anyone who is a fan of angels and doesn’t mind spineless heroine. Basically this was me while reading Unearthly And I’m not even exaggerating.


After several disappointing reads like Halo, Fallen and Hush, Hushperhaps because of all the raving reviews I’ve seen, I picked this one up despite knowing it was another angel book, thinking that this might finally do it for me I was probably out of it. It’s such a shame because Unearthly could have been so much more. The book had a good premise angels with a purpose? But nevertheless it turned out to be nothing more but a book centered on angsty relationships between the characters, whom, may I say, are as one-dimensional as the book itself.

As for the writing Yep, that about sums it up. Clara is part angel a quarter to be exact. She has been having these “visions” since age 4 and was told by her mother that it was snippets to fulfilling her purpose here on earth. I was glad by the fact that Clara actually had some spirit in her unlike several other heroines portrayed to be weak and whiny. But then Edward Christian came along and there you go – she became all swoony over him simply because he was in her “visions”.

She was totally obsessed with Christian to the point that it felt stalkerish rather than romantic.

And as for Christian himself, despite being one of the male leads, his character totally fell flat. Not that Tucker, the other guy, was any better, in fact, both of them are so boring, I almost stopped reading totally should have done that. But the “visions” Clara had got the better of me and I pushed on, thinking that things would eventually pick up, which I immensely regretted for the plot only got worst actually.

I didn’t feel the chemistry between Clara and Christian or Clara and Tucker, for the matter. The fact that Clara remained indecisive and couldn’t choose between anbel two frustrated the hell out of me. What kind of crap ending was that??! Yes, I know, Unearthly is meant to be a trilogy but there are trilogies out cynyhia where the individual books either gave a proper closing or left opened as a cliff-hanger.

It felt like the author had to rush to meet the deadline and did a slipshod job of wrapping it up. And to think I paid 25 bucks for the book. I’m not trying to slam the book or the author, and I know how much effort is being put in till publishment of every book, but seriously, unless you don’t mind reading about dssignio that are totally predictable and monotonous, then by all means, pick it up. The Cunthia beings, who supposedly underpin the story, are a red herring.

Pure Angels are all of the male gender, which is a BIG clue as to the books retroactive ‘s plot. Females can be only Half Angels desighio less.