April Outlook – Daniel T. Ferrera. Ferrera is a Gann disciple and produces longer term cyclic forecasts. His forecast is calling for in the next few years I do not disagree with this outlook. . (71). ▻ December (9). Daniel T. Ferrera’s Outlook for forecasts the financial and 1, Ferrera’s “ Outlook for ” predicted a November low which proved. 1, Ferrera’s “Outlook for ” predicted a November low, which proved to be accurate within one week for the S&P (see Fig. 1).

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Daniel T. Ferrera’s Outlook for – NOW AVAILABLE!

Ove the last 18 months he told subscribers to exit in May at fertera top, on the exact day of the actual top. This information is extremely important to anyone needing to navigate these challenging market conditions. You can never see the whole. In a specific section of the book, he illustrated how to use the economic work of Samuel Benner and Louise McWhirter. Sorry for another follow up Periods of ‘good times and high outloo, i.

Daniel T. Ferrera’s 2011 Stock Market Forecast May Update Protects Investors Profits

All trade marks and names are owned by their respective owners. Congratulate Dan for me. Add 8-years projected as the next ‘business activity’ top. Otherwise it would not be experienced. So what are they to do?


Sacred Science Institute Publishes Daniel Ferrera’s Outlook for 2014

His forecast for and prior years has proven to be consistently accurate. Ferreraa next update showed how the decline broke the lowest low of Decemberconfirming the probability of a bear market for Their cycles are years and repeat. Create new account Request new password. Long Term Overview Presented in Outlook. This press release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.

His signal occurred one day before the exact high on May This new Outlook is filled with fascinating educational material, and insights into techniques the old masters like Gann, Benner, et. Their cycles are years and repeat. Ferrera is well known for his cycles work and market daniek, which are made several years in advance.

His works distill some of the most complex Gann and technical principles into clear accessible indicators and tools that can be read and understood by the non-expert.

See the new Outlook for for longer term expectations and a detailed presentation of the critical scenario just around the corner in The value of this insight alone is worth the cost of the Outlook For We have seen fewer significant counter trend reactions than in almost any period in history, a dangerous warning sign for most technical analysts. See the new Outlook for for longer term expectations and a detailed presentation of the critical scenario just around the corner in Ferrera has put together an Annual Forecast, or Outlook for Now the cycle starts ourlook again and we add 8-years to project as a ‘business activity’ top.


Many stock market books are either too vague or complete waste of time. From here the economy should really start to cool down. He surely is a bright light.

If a person or entity does not believe they are qualified to make such decisions, they should seek professional advice. Next add 9 years to projected as a ‘business activity’ top. EPR Network LLC disclaims any content found in press releases published on its network – full disclaimer can be found over here.

One more Book to read: For those researchers serious about the work of W.

Being prepared for when this market turns, and knowing the key dates, price levels, trend channels and technicals is of critical importance for successful trading as well as for simple wealth preservation.