NET Web Application in VB , I made a webform that uses Crystal Reports, the CrystalReportViewer control has PrintMode property, default. Gets or sets the print mode to print the report. Namespace Assembly (). Is there an online site that has sample reports that I could see directly. We are having trouble printing and I would like to see a web site with.

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Your page load should look something like this: Thursday, October 4, 4: Also make sure you are properly disposing the Crystal Report Document, otherwise it may start giving “Load Report Failed” error.

We recently started looking at VS and discovered crydtalreportviewer issue with the unbundling of Crystal Reports. Well, here’s what I did in order to get things to work.

The Crystal Reports Advanced Developer edition provided a performance-governed version of the unmanaged Report Application Server RASwhich is suitable for smaller deployments with less complex reports and fewer user interaction requirements. The sample codes in this pdf does not work!


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Again, this didn’t change anything. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It is being viewed in Internet Explorer 8. The build target for the ASP. It describes all the benefits of RAS and then says ‘this product is no longer available’.

Monday, September 5, Former Member December 16, at In the solution that uses the unmanaged Report Application Server RASthe report engine is extracted into a separate server process.

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired https: Enabling ViewState on the page has no effect on whether crystqlreportviewer works or not. At least then I would have fun instead of trying to pull partial information from 10 different sources of sparse documentation.

I’ve installed the latest Crystal Reports service pack service pack 3.

Crystal Reportviewer printmode = ActiveX and VS2010

Setting it to anything seemed to result in problems. Archived discussions are read-only. Post as a guest Name. We are having trouble printing and I would like to see a web site with crystal reports using the Crystal reports viewer, Active X that will allow me to print to my local machine. Pribtmode then piecing together the parts that MAY work.


PrintMode in CrystalReportViewer | The Forums

If I wait, nothing happens. There is no prompt to install an ActiveX control, and nothing pops up allowing me to select a printer of which I know several are installed.

Here is the current setup:. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired.

Switch the report type to PDF. I mean he might as well have posted “This really doesn’t cover ActiveX and printing, but www. I’ve been beating my head against this for at least a day now, and I’m fresh out of ideas. Please do not use. I think you are not reinitializing during postback requests hence the error.

Or, it was possible to license the unmanaged Printmodd Application Server RAS on a processor basis, pirntmode it takes full advantage of your hardware. For Crystal Reports please see: Do you have any reference to samples that specifically utilizes the activex control and vs.