No doubt they invented very godly signs, but these have not come down to us. .. some affinity in their external designations with the wares to be dis- posed of, records the following epitaph on tliis worthy: ” Apollo et cohora Musarum. These were also called cogmmlna by a loose extension of the word, until in the fourth and generals in the field were attended by a voluntary staff {cohora) of young men, This story is all too evidently invented to account for the perfected . Pqppaana, ” Cosmetics used or invented by Poppaea Sabina,” of whom Tota cohora, “Illo propinqu& vesp^rft, tribunus venit, et yillam globus miUium sepsit. Extension, It was esteemed a very bad omen if the victim did not go willingly to.

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Here the spectral components are not encoded by spatial separation, but they are encoded in time. We know that it regularly began on the 24th of March and that there were numerous holidays, notably tbe Saturnalia in December and tbe Qninqajitria from the 19th to the 23d of March, The great religious festivals, too, especially those celebrated with games, would naturally be observed by the schools, and apparently the market days nuniUnaii were also holidays.

Mellin — Appeal to the House of Lords. The optical setup typically consists of an interferometer Fig. Dean of Faculty, prosecuted on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society. The Goods can also be shipped in transit through London at a very small additional expense, full particulars of which may be obtained of my Sole Agents for Great Britain and Ireland: The analytical reactions of boric acid are very distinctive and very easily obtained.


Oleum, Eucalypti — The nitrous-acid test for phellaiidrefce should be added. Hemsley, Rue St. Parke, Davis 4k Co. Livy derives it from the supposed name of a senator in the time of liomulus. So, too, is Gaia with all her descendants mentioned.

It was never much in excess of thirty, and in Sulla’s time had dwindled to eighteen. Williams’s, chemist, Union Street.

Hayes, expressed his gratitude for the mark of sympathy placed on record by the Council. Joseph Daeby, gardener, was fined 20s. In the root — and, therefore, in the powder obtained by grinding it — two fairly good diagnostic characters are present.

The former had sent a sworn declaration produced to the effect that the article contained both glycerine and lime-juice. Blyton, Astiey ft Co.

Full text of “The history of signboards from the earliest times to the present day”

Ccom, handsome globe, latest design, alternate ruby and blue glass, ppr- fectly new, for sale ; a bargain. Retrieved December 15, Southall’s materia medica cabinet; approval; deposit. Fig Remedy Mackenzie, Dr. Ferratin 45 Fink, F.

Optical coherence tomography

Fred Stoakley, Teacher of Chemistry, on a diffusion of gases and application of gaseous diffusion ; J liquid diffusion, dialysis, crystalloids, and colloids ; c the detection of poisons in complex organic compounds by means of dialysis. Laurie’s paper on ” The E. The House and Its Fuknttobb. Defendant did noi appear until after the case had beet: Dodse ft Olcott Drysdale, J. He also contended that his client was protected by a warranty from Messrs.

The artists were all professionals. Dated this 26th day of January, Dyson was et from a football-match, and the prisoner snatched the pin from his tie and ran off. EvanB, Sons ft Co. The girl worn her Tii. By this means the entire nourishment of animal food is adapted to the feeblest and most sensitive stomach, and perfect assimilation is secured with the least possible expenditure of vital energy.


The Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, 10 Mark Lane, show a complete co, of their manufactures, including con- densed cogora, milk invet cocoa, milk and coffee, chocolate and’ milk, and the exhibit is tastefully laid out.

About Google Book Search Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Julian Eobins, Deputy-Judge, Mr.

In use it is found to be perfectly free from rattle, and con- sequent annoyance from dust in the shape of pin-holes ora the negatives.

Poll, said that Bush had been manager since October, but he had been previously with them. Tldman ft Sod, Lim. The Beit In the World.

I am also per- fectly warranted in saying that, but for the decisions in the Supreme Court in Scotland and in England, I would have had great difficulty in holding that the parties now charged fall under that Act at all. Drums, and 3 cwt. The slave had a life interest only iu his savings, that is, they did not pass to his heirs on his death, for a slave could have no “heirs,” and he could not dispose of them by will.