Descargar Cautiva del jeque Lynne Graham eBooks pdf,. Primero de la serie. Tilda lamentaba haber tenido aquel breve romance con Rashad, príncipe de la. BARGAIN by Lynne GrahamOrdinary girl Tally Spencer has nothing in . http:// The Desert Sheikh’s Captive Wife has ratings and 42 reviews. StMargarets said: H/h met in university but broke up when the hero thought she was cheat.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try fautiva. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. He’s discovered she’s his baby’s mother–so now she’ll be his bride Maribel was a shy virgin when she and handsome Leonidas Pallis shared a night of passion.

She assumed he was inspired by his need for comfort, rather than lust for her. However, unbeknownst to Leonidas Maribel conceived his child. Now Leonidas wants what’s his: B He’s discovered she’s his baby’s mother–so now she’ll be his bride Maribel was a shy virgin when she and handsome Leonidas Pallis shared a night of passion.

But the only way Leonidas will claim her and their son is if he takes her PaperbackHarlequin Presentspages.

Lynne Graham – Cautiva del jeque | Novelas Románticas

Published February 1st by Harlequin first published December The Rich, the Ruthless, and the Really Handsome 2. Leonidas PallisMaribel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Nov 10, Vintage rated it liked it Shelves: This is quintessential LG. It has the tropes we love to hate and hate to love: It also has a few nicely done anti-tropes: Well done, tiny h. Maribel, the h, meets up with Leonidas at her cousin’s two y This is quintessential LG.

Maribel, the h, meets up with Leonidas at her cousin’s two cuativa memorial. They had known each other for years and had a brief encounter after her cousin’s funeral. At the memorial, Maribel beats feet as soon as she sees Leonidas which piques his interest as she’s really the reason he came to the memorial.

In this case it wasn’t that the condom broke or was useless, it simply wasn’t there. When Leonidas finds out about the baby, a son named Elias after the H and his grandfather, he is not pleased. He pulls out all the stops from seduction, coercion, to out and out manipulation to get his son. He thinks he has her in his evil clutches when he shows off his incredible estate think Downton Abbey. Too bad she forces the cat out of the bag, Leonidas isn’t go to live there with her and Elias.

Grahma come by for visits and booty calls. He sets the paparazzi on her so she’s surrounded. She’s surprised at how sympathetic he is until she susses out he’s the one that let it happen. Having her cowardly custard dog and little boy cower under the kitchen table does not endear Leonidas to her.


She cuts off contact since he has proved once again she can not trust him. Deel feels a little guilty, and once again is forced to ponder why he is so attracted to this woman who points out what slime he is.

Leonidas finally gets her when he proposes a quasi MOC with benefits. He’ll marry her and get Elias, and he gets to keep on doing what Greek tycoons do. But no, he doesn’t. Maribel says they can have a real marriage where he is faithful, or it will be a MOC with no hanky panky.

The Desert Sheikh’s Captive Wife

Nobody is going to tell this arrogant asshat how to live, blah, blah, and a convenient business trip allows him to pout long distance.

Throughout the book, Maribel holds hard to what she wants for herself and Elias, and is not afraid to point out with specific and detailed examples how toxic Leonidas is.

He had a terrible childhood and needs to learn how to love. She adores him, but NO. At every turn, he is outraged and dismayed at how well she knows his devious ways. I highly recommend the books, and it deserves a better review, but my two stupid dogs are circling like sharks for their walk. Leonidas is a keeper as his arrogance and less than savory tricks are to get both the heroine and his son.

I have to add, it’s a good thing that the h has a spine of steel and is a smart cookie, ’cause it’s going to take a lot to rein this one in.

Points off for Maribel’s toxic family that practically disowned her when she popped up pregnant then smarmed in when Leonidas comes back.

Just once, why can’t the h confront these evil witches? Used “rain” instead of “rein”. View all 14 comments. Feb 24, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: For once, the title is correct. This heroine is defiant. She has known the hero for many years and he has been an arrogant rich alpha since he was in the cradle. She knows him and she doesn’t want her secret son conceived from a one night stand after her cousin’s funeral to grow up like him or in his atmosphere.

Hero doesn’t blame the heroine for her pregnancy and is determined to have this child in his life. Heroine is equally determined to protect her son.

She does see him clearly, but then he sees her clearly, too. Once they have committed to marriage they both strive to communicate better and make it work. Their one night stand is clarified view spoiler [ Hero waited all day and thought the heroine left and rejected him.

Heroine ran out to get food and was hit by a car and was in the hospital for a day. The heroine was big enough to acknowledge his growth and to revise her opinion whenever she got new information. I believed in their HEA. There’s a bonus cowardly Irish Wolfhound, named “Mouse,” who hides under the table whenever strangers stop by.

Apr 15, Brenda rated it liked it Shelves: This was an okay read for me. Took me time to warm up to the main characters. Leonidas came across as spoilt and outside his moneyed world he was a clueless man. But, I have to give him points for trying to rectify his errors and there was no doubt he was totally into Maribel.


Besides, he was fantastic with his son Elias. He just didn’t know how to do things without involving his wealth because that’s how he grew up and he didn’t think of the consequences. But, then “I know it all” Maribel was t This was an okay read for me. But, then “I know it all” Maribel was there to put him place. I like spunky, strong heroine, but Maribel annoyed me with her pitiful “Woe is me” whining and manipulation.

It’s a mystery to me how she can even think she’s in love with Leonidas when she was picking on him for everything. And, the first time Leonidas visited her on suspicion that her son has been fathered by him, her constant “I’ll call the police” rankled. Forget Leonidas’ entitlement to know his child because she thought he was bad in everything, but then she didn’t even think about her son’s entitlement to know his father.

The Greek Tycoon’s Defiant Bride

Because he didn’t call her when she walked out of his apartment after the one night they had together. He didn’t know she’d gone out to buy ingredients for the breakfast he’d ordered her to make and met with an accident and had a concussion. He thought she’d rejected him.

Not that she’d called to tell him what really happened. Then, she demands that he marries her because she didn’t trust him alone with their son. So, I wasn’t really convinced that she was in love with him.

Nevertheless, things got a little better toward the end after they were married. Loved Leonidas’ moments with his son. The epilogue is very sweet Overall, an okay one time read. Nice cwutiva and who can resist a dog named Mouse? View all 4 comments. Nov 04, Adrienne rated it really liked it Shelves: For a quick read this one was very enjoyable. Briefly, Leonides wealthy beyond all imagination, lonely and not really trusting of desccargar for two reasons and Maribel the orphan adopted by her wealthy uncle but still very much the outsider had a one night stand altho they had briefly shared a house many years earlier whilst at uni which resulted in the patter of tiny feet 9 months later.

Leonides ieque long since gone, after all Maribel did do a runner on him. This is their story and what happen For a quick read this one was very enjoyable.