Editorial Reviews. Review. Gabrielle Le Coeur’s mother wants to make her into a The Perfect Mistress: A Novel – Kindle edition by Betina Krahn. Romance Kindle eBooks @ The Perfect Mistress is the perfect follow-up to The Last Bachelor. This time the heroine is a courtesan’s daughter who wants the unthinkable: to get married. Read The Perfect Mistress by Betina Krahn by Betina Krahn by Betina Krahn for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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I was going to give this book 5 stars, but then about halfway through it turned into more of a romance, with the genre driving the characters and the plot, rather than the characters driving the story.

She chose to make a large contribution to an orphanage in his name. Pierce came by the next evening and was surprised to find that Gabby had told the truth about her home situation. She didn’t want to pretend that she was okay with only as much of a man as he was willing to give. She felt he was a hypocrite for saying that it didn’t matter to him that she was his mistress and then ordering lrahn to stay away from their daughter’s wedding because she was his mistress.

Perfect Mistress by Betina Krahn – Penguin Books Australia

Tudor Series 2 books by Betina Krahn. Rosalind was shocked to find that Gabrielle wanted to become someone’s wife.

Want to Read saving…. She had herself delivered to his hotel wrapped in a rug and they spent the night together. Pierce began to seduce Gabby but she turned the tables on him by asking for her own proposition. The Wife Test Brides of Virtue, 1 3. It was also extremely witty and made me laugh, a lot.


Perfect Mistress

Pierce felt much the same way as Gabby in regard to his own mother. Gabby had to btina him that his opinion of love was wrong. Beatrice wanted to give Pierce the family life she was mistreess able to provide for him. Gabrielle stormed o Gabrielle Augustine LeCoeur was 19 and had spent the last 12 years in France being educated.

Return to Book Page. They explained to him and Gladstone what had happened when they took each of them to their homes.

Beatrice had been deeply infatuated and had become the perfect wife. His mother wanted to dispose of him through marriage in much the same was as Gabrielle’s mother wanted to have her out of the way by persuading some man to take her in as his mistress. The Princess and the Barbarian 3.

Gabrielle was a good character while she figured out how to be wife, lover, and friend to Pierce all at the same time. They headed for London together.

With two young children, Krahn became a stay-at-home mother for a time, also finding time to volunteer on a community board working to get funding for mental health care in part of Western Oklahoma. She had been back home with her mother, Rosalind LeCoeur, for 3 months. Vanda Dien rated it liked it Feb 18, Want to Read saving… Error rating book. She was then picked up again and forcefully put into another carriage. The chemistry between the two is developed nicely and their interactions are entertaining.

Gmc rated it really liked it May 20, I liked Krahn’s writing style, witty and touching, and the pacing was good there’s nothing worse than a plot that drags in the middle.

The hero in this book, too I love Betina Krahn, so I’m holding her up to higher expectations. It’s bad for real-world modeling and, perhaps worse, it shows lazy plotting. Gladstone was no longer a person he could trap being caught with a prostitute because he wouldn’t be believed due to his own situation. Mistress 2 books by Betina Krahn.


The Perfect Mistress by Betina Krahn – FictionDB

Gabby found that hard to believe and just mistrses to go home. He was irritated by her friendliness with them and she thought that he tthe getting upset thinking that she was looking at them for likely candidates as a husband. It was affecting him politically too for the scandal involved. This time the heroine is a courtesan’s daughter who wants the unthinkable: He was demanding answers regarding what she had done with William.

Pierce took her to a krahb called, Le Cile, the french name for ‘heaven’ instead. They didn’t know it but they were seen by Gabby’s mother and her friends. Gabby went with him and got him out of the room after hiding him under the bed when the men arrived.

But the real reason I had a hard time with this book is that I don’t like it when men are emotionally abusive and women persevere in attempting to win their love. Gabby and Pierce were becoming friends and Pierce felt a connection to her.

The Perfect Mistress

March Jun 11, Mjstress agreed on the promise that she would see Gladstone again and tell her what happened between the two of them while they were together. He was asked what his attraction to Gabrielle was and he was honest in saying that he didn’t know. Pierce had been caught in the situation that he had been hoping to catch the prime minister in.