The stakes get higher in #1 NYT bestselling author Anthony Horowitz’s latest masterpiece. As the fourth novel in the spellbinding Gatekeepers series begins, the. Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Summary: An excellent fast paced thriller, ideal for boys but equally enjoyable for girls. If the rest of the series is up to the same standard as.

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Nuts, I was looking forward to the end of the series, and now I have to wait for the next book! Things start necripolis go wrong for fifteen-year-old Scarlett Adams when she goes on a school trip to St Meredith’s Church. There she learns the truth about herself — that she is a Gatekeeper, one of the five with the power to stop the Old Ones, ancient and evil beings who want to see the world destroyed.

I didn’t give it five stars because I did find myself skimming a few of necropolsi longer descriptions of the cities and such. Scarlett escapes, and finds her way back to England, but her disappearance is all over the news, letting the Old Ones know exactly who and where hodowitz is.

Horowitz gives plenty of time to character development and even the obligatory reminders of what happened in the previous books don’t bog down the prose. Matt, Scott and Richard travel from Nazca in Peru to try to stop her from going there, and they are hounded by the Old Ones every step of the way.

Meanwhile, Scarlett arrives in Hong Kong, being looked after by antbony Mrs Chengwho claims her father is away on urgent business.


borowitz Want to Read saving…. He is the ‘first of the five’. Dec 14, Alex Desta rated it it was amazing. Can’t wait to see how this series wraps up in the final instalment ‘Oblivion’, which has almost pages! It is part of the Hong Kong Observatory warning system on the intensity of typhoons.

Necropolis (Horowitz novel) – Wikipedia

May 25, Rogerio rated it really liked it. It is a rewrite of the corresponding Day of the Dragon, released in Horowitz’s Pentagram series. Unless we’re talking lightning. By the way I loved The Dragon’s Eye idea, very clever. He and his followers jorowitz the monastery around the door in order to catch any of the Five for the Old Ones should they come through.


He knew that the only way to get near her was to be caught, so he had contacted Lohan and his men earlier, telling them of his plan, and then Scarlett’s father had agreed to call Nightrise in order to turn in Matt, even at expense of his own life.

Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. But is Scarlett really in distress?? I know fantasy isn’t your natural groove Horowitz, please put some thought into it. I feel happy for them that they found the last gatekeeper named Scarlett, but it is also quite bad for her to be living with a bunch of people that aren’t even people in Hong Kong where the air is polluted and the water is poisoned.

Scarlett Adams, the adopted Asian daughter of divorced British parents. Published first published January 1st Lists with This Book. Amymoomoo years because there are some killings inside.

Necropolis – Anthony Horowitz | Author | Alex Rider | Sherlock Holmes | James Bond

I enjoyed the quick pace with action in most chapters. Retrieved from ” http: Mar 17, Pamela Saylor rated it it was amazing. He has to necropolie in aesthetics to make sure that the reader is repulsed. The Gatekeepers powers are increasing, but Matt necropoolis that they will never be able to match the powers of the Old Ones, especially since Scarlett seems to have no real power at all other than the ability to predict the weather.

Anthony Horowitz is a master of fast paced action and suspense. Matt makes his way to Wisdom Court, where Scarlett’s father now resides. You might want to try Danger Zone: Personal tools Log in.

When the first book came out, I really enjoyed it and the second ohrowitz.

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I do wish they’d spent a little more time developing her powers, but I assume they will be doing that in the final book. Matt theorises that Ramon was hypnotized to give the diary back to the group to create the idea of using one of the doors to get to Hong Kong.


This authors is becoming one of my favourites now! Books by Anthony Horowitz.

They lure her to Hong Kong, a city they have been taking nexropolis, slowly killing it until it’s completely under their control. Shang-tung explains that Scarlett has been taken prisoner by the Old Ones who plan to turn Hong Kong into a necropolisa city of the dead, by using poisonous gases mixed with the pollution from mainland China that will suffocate and kill the residents there.

Later that night Richard, Matt horowifz Jamie Tyler travel by boat to Hong Kong hoowitz come under attack by the Hong Kong police under the control of the Old Ones after they are betrayed by the captain. It’s feasible for the five to overcome such entities but he’d have to pull off some spectacular writing in bk5 if he wants to make the epic vibe believable and satisfying. Scarlett meets the sinister Chairman of Nightrise at The Nail, Nightrise’s Hong Kong headquarters, who gives her an ornate jade necklacewhich is in fact a tracking device.

If you know of any reluctant readers The Power of Five series might be good books to start them on. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. And I wouldn’t mind, except Even though the antjony line seems a little old Horowitz revives it to make it more dramatic and entertaining. Then the storm finally abates, revealing Hong Kong completely destroyed although all the pollution was swept away. When I read it, I didn’t really enjoy it, so I kind of forgot about the series.

Necropolis is a re-write of the novel The Day of the Dragon, part of the unfinished Pentagram series.