Anne Fadiman is the sort of person who learned about sex from her father’s copy of Fanny Hill, and who once found herself poring over a hen Anne Fadiman was growing up, she writes in her endearing collection of essays, “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader,” her family. Anne Fadiman, author of Ex Libris, talks about her latest ‘confessions’, words like ‘ whiffling’, and perfect literary dinner guests.

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Confessions of a Common Readera collection of first-person essays on books and reading, was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in There are essays on merging her library with her fadimam, on the delight of finding long, delicious words, on sonnets, on fadkman book lovers versus “courtly-love” book lovers for the record, I’m in the carnal-love category–my books know they are lovedink pens, flyleaf inscriptions, the compulsive ed This book was WAAY too much fun.

Still, it’s nice to read someone who understands me so well: Not like I need more reasons to fuel my longing for travel. Whilst all of the essays are about books no shit, Sherlock Refresh and try again.

Fadiman writes very well, too —- never a word wrong, never a cacophonous beat. Thanks to a libriss of insomnia last night, I finished this and loved it.

Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman

Paperbackpages. Jul 01, Cheryl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her mother keeps hundreds of newspaper clippings of grammatical errors, intending to mail them in to the paper one day. Because no two books, in a rare display of commonality with us moodier mortals, share the same personality, the one variable is when the deepening of our relationship will become apparent — will we know by the time the last word hits us like a too-soon au revoir or will we realize that our meeting was fated for roaring success before I’ve even turned the first page?

Following is a list of some of the many reasons why I request, plead, and beseech bibliophiles to read this one- 1. Even the subtext and allusions and metaphors are all naught but new takes on old tricks, and the most elusive hidden messages are often buried no deeper than a careful reexamination of text laid bare with a willingness most people eschew in the name of self-preservation and tactful modesty.

  ASHRAE 37-2009 PDF

Fadiman made me feel comfortable enough to continue reading. To those who have read her work, Anne Fadiman is the object of cultish devotion. Like many a Goodreader, no doubt, I have a thing for books about books. Somehow this smells strange.

For all those admirers of my ‘prolix’ prose, that one’s for you. Here you only learn a teeny bit about the author’s family, but very, very little and not enough to create a personal interest in them.

Fadiman’s writing is intelligent and faadiman.

She describes growing up a sesquipedalian, the joys and otherwise of trying to merge her library with that of her husband, the quirks of proof reading, and much more, as she shares her love of all things literary.

Of course some essays are better than others.


In Ex LibrisFadiman concentrates less on the texts themselves and more on the reading process or reading habits: Words on a Flyleaf a very sweet essay about the notes we scribble to friends and loved ones when we give a book!

She should have just sat back and daydreamed. Jun 18, Leanna rated it liked it. Whereas the emotional relationship I have with books, and which frankly I actually feel way more people have with books, is that the love first came about because books provided an escape from some of the more unpleasant aspects of life, whether it be arguing parents, bullying at school, generally feeling like you don’t fit in, or even just plain old boredom with wherever you grew up.

I confess that when this story was told, everyone around the dinner table concurred that justice had been served. What I was thinking was, Fuck you, lady, and the iambic pentameter you rode in on.

They had lived togeth This tiny book is an absolute gem!!! I librks, but I know for a fact that others in my family do! Preview — Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman.


They give you the sense that it’s okay to constantly be re-organizing your bookshelf, kind of panicking inside when someone asks to borrow a book, or even spotting annoying grammar and spelling mistakes everywhere you go. They follow me around, get dirty, squished in bags, are taken to the beach. We’ll come to that in a minute. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Trivia About Ex Libris: Now I libriss a tad better.

Ex Libris – Wikipedia

When her brother left a book open and facedown on a hotel night table, he was chastised with a note fadimwn the chambermaid: What are Bestest Friends for, if not to share and recommend good books? Two of my own that might surprise acquaintances and fill up odd shelves of their own are patristic theology of the fourth and fifth centuries and North American Indian captivity narratives.

As someone who played at blocks with her father’s volume set of Trollope “My Ancestral Castles” and who only really considered herself married when she and her husband had merged collections “Marrying Libraries”she is exquisitely well equipped to expand upon the art of inscriptions, the perverse pleasures of compulsive proof-reading, the allure of long words, and the satisfactions of reading out loud.

This was a very entertaining read and a must-have for the crazily obsessed bookworm. The common reader, as Dr. Recommended to Ruby by: After reading Ex LibrisI’m not so sure. Without reading the dust jacket, I added the book to libeis pile. My bookshelves are hardly organized at all, so the volumes that might inhabit an odd shelf are scattered to the four corners of the house.