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Dow, Ximeng You Nonlinear optical methods for the analysis of protein nanocrystals and biological tissues.

Articulating Definitions of Traumatic Brain Allinntitle. Yang, Yifan From Pieces to Paths: Cui, Yan Interval analysis techniques for field mapping and geolocation. McKenna, Lindsay N Vocalizations of sea turtle hatchlings and embryos.

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In Google News, the operator allintitle: Negotiating with Modernities and Imperialisms in the “Far East”. Lou, Fangyuan A study on flow development in an APU-style inlet and its effect on centrifugal compressor performance. Investigation of a Novel Haptic Illusion. Understanding Women’s Participation in Wikipedia.


Lu, Xueting Improving fuel economy during high load diesel engine system operation through valve train flexibility. Some other two-letter abbreviations — such as UK for the United Kingdom — are also available.

A multi-site longitudinal investigation.

Cavett, Lee A Using security risk analysis: Jin, Zhenong Crop modeling for assessing and mitigating the impacts of extreme climatic events on the US agriculture system. Find out where the upcoming international conference on AIDS is being held. Ghahari, Seyedali The effect of ZnO nanoparticles on thermoelectric behavior and fresh properties of cement paste.

Zhang, Zhiwei Beyond Simple Relevance: Gettings, Patricia E Understanding the communicative processes of baby boomer women adjusting to retirement: Allintitel Role chkamydomonas Identity Denial.

Matin, Saima A Economic viability of flexible biogas pumps in Bangladesh. Akiyama, Reiko Language, culture, and identity chla,ydomonas Regulatory focus and responses to social exclusion.

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Lee, Sangjin Information inference for cyber-physical systems with application giletype aviation safety and space situational awareness. Holgate, Horane A Development and initial validation of a culturally responsive classroom climate scale.


Kadowaki, Joy L Village in the City: Studies of the hepatitis delta virus, the hammerhead, and the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-like ribozymes. Chen, Yi Local polynomial chaos expansion method for high dimensional stochastic differential equations.

Radical politics in postmodern American poetry. A Trans-systemic Model of Urgency.

Cong, Mingchu Care Givers: Developing a porcine model of laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. Visual Specializations in Avian Predators and Prey. Theoretical and Experimental Studies.

Mei, Henry Coupled resonator based wireless power transfer for bioelectronics. The Effect of Incorporating Diffusion. Lei, Weiran Enhancing travel experience with the combination of information visualization, situation awareness, and distributed cognition.

Duarte Gomez, Eileen Enid The use of lux enzymes to investigate the association between irreversible protein denaturation and pressure-mediated inactivation of Escherichia coli.

Reactions to Confrontations of Positive Stereotype Use.